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Transguard Events is an event management company based in Dubai. Since 2001 Transguard has been supporting events across the UAE through self-delivered services. Transguard Events offers 360-degree event support, making it your one-stop event planner and organiser

Our Mission

To support events in the UAE with world class services that provide the ultimate foundation for event success.

Cash Management

We help clients manage their event cash requirements, with services ranging from collection from on-
site vendors to ATM systems.


– Event Cash Management
– Collection from on-site vendors
– Reconciliation with Banks
– Smart Cash Deposit
– Zero Liability on Deposited Cash
– Tokenized Systems
– ATM Systems
– End to End Cash Management

Manpower Resourcing

All manpower requirements can be met through our pool of talent. We are well-positioned to match your needs across a wide spectrum of services.


– Hosts / Hostesses
– F&B and Bar Staff
– Promoters
– Cashiers
– Event Cleaning
– Washroom attendants
– Management Personnel

Security Systems and Guarding

Fully licensed and experienced security personnel will help keep your customers safe and venue protected.


– Event Security
– Man Guarding
– Baggage & Search security
– K9 units
– Security Systems
– Xray Screening


Your guests can enjoy first class meals prepared by our highly skilled in-house catering team.


– Event Catering
– Customised Dishes To Meet Dietary Requirements
– Snacks / Canapes
– International dishes
– Set menus

Support services

We offer a range of support services to ensure you spend less time on coordination and more time focused on delivering your event.


– AV
– Stage Support & Logistics
– Courier Services
– Ticketing & registrations

01. Planning

360-degree solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in the events space, the Transguard Events team understands that your success depends on a solid foundation of planning, execution, and constant communication. In other words, partnering with Transguard allows you to spend less time on coordinating your event and more focused on its seamless delivery, which is made possible thanks to our 360-degree solutions to your every need.

02. Execution

Globally recognised industry standards

With over 1,000 customers in the UAE, Transguard understands every detail in the successful mobilisation and execution of a project. We use globally recognised industry standards along with high performing teams to ensure your project is planned, managed, and executed in-line with your objectives.

03. Management

Resources to meet any demand

It’s time consuming to collate all your supplier needs, so we’re here to offer support every step of the way and turn your idea into reality. As the largest manpower resource in the UAE, we offer flexibility to our clients with the confidence that resources can be provided to meet the demands of any scenario. Transguard offers security, facilities management, Back of House, F&B and logistics, in addition to management personnel, hosts, ushers, drivers, cashiers, Audio-Visual support, staff and guest catering, laundry services, golf buggies and more.

Transguard has a wide network of staff who can work on short-term events as well as those who can work on long-term contracts, eliminating the need for clients to worry about sourcing, onboarding, visa provision, training or payroll. This further solidifies Transguard’s ability to provide resources to meet the demands of any scenario.

What we know

Corporate events
Sports & Entertainment events
Trade shows
Award shows
Brand activations

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